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Published: 2017-09-07

The Significance of the Propositional Truths in Christian Faith

Theologische Universiteit Kampen, the Netherlands
Propositional truths proposition postmodernism deconstruction biblical narrative


Postmodernism philosophy has made a serious impact to some Christian thinkers on how they view the truth. During many decades ago, Christian theologians had formulated and defended the Christian theology as a system of propositional truths. However, in some recent decades the truth - as propositions which are expected to become timeless truths -has been declined by some thinkers like Leslie Newbigin and Stanley Grenz. One of the primary reasons to reject propositions in theological discourse, according to them, that it is a product of the enlightenment and therefore cannot be applied in the postmodern context. Yet, this view has a significant problem and therefore the aim of this article is to elaborate the problem and to maintain the significance of the propositional truths in Christian faith.


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Matalu, M. Y. (2017). The Significance of the Propositional Truths in Christian Faith. Verbum Christi, 3(1), 74–89.