Author Guidelines

For style guidelines, authors can use the available manuscript templates.


  1. Article is written in correct academic standard of Indonesian or English language.
  2. On the title of the article:
    • Use 'headline style,' each word in all capital letters.
    • Use Bold.
    • Centered the text.
  3. On the author's name and author data:
    • The author's name is in bold, each word starts with a capital letter.
    • Below the author's name, write the name of the author’s affiliated institution, italicized.
    • The name(s) of the author(s) and the institution(s) is/ are placed in the centered position.
    • The author need to submit a biodata sheet containing full name, phone number, email address, and curriculum vitae.
  4. On abstract and keywords:
    • Placed under the name of the author and the institution.
    • The abstract length should consist maximum of 150 words.
    • Use Palatino font, size 10 points, and 2 spaces.
    • Abstracts are written using normal font, while keywords are written in italic.
    • The author needs to provide 4-10 keywords of the article.
    • Abstract and Keywords should be in both English and Indonesian.
  5. On Headings:
    • First-level heading are written in bold, left-aligned, without numbering, and without periods.
    • Second-level headings are written in italics, placed left-aligned, without numbering, and without periods.
    • Headings are restricted to the second-level.
  6. On the body text:
    • The length of the article text is between 5,000-8,000 words, excluding the footnotes.
    • The text is typed in Palatino font, size 11 points, and 2 spaces, left-right aligned.
    • Write in an A4 size with 4 cm margin at the top and left, 3 cm margin at the right and bottom.
    • Direct quotations that do not exceed 3 lines of text are included in the text. Direct quotes that exceed 3 lines of text should be blocked. Block citations are typed upright, with Palatino letters 10 points, 1 space, and fully indented one tab, left aligned, the right border of the block quote is the same as the right edge of the article text. Block quotations do not need to use opening or closing quotation marks.
    • Foreign terms (other than the language of the article) are typed in italics.
    • Quotations and terms other than Greek, Hebrew, English and Latin (eg: French, German, Dutch) must be translated into English or Indonesian.
    • Technical terms, typical theological/philosophical terms and terms which have no equivalent in Indonesian or are standard terms in English, do not need to be translated.
    • The first paragraph and each new paragraph that follows are indented by one tab following the computer's default tab.
  7. Footnotes reference should follow Turabian or Chicago Manual of Style:
  8. On the names of the books in the Bible:
    • All the names of books that are part of a sentence in the text of the article, whether written in brackets or not, are written in full. For example: John 3:16; Philippians 3:1.
    • When the name of the book is in the footnote, it is written using the standard abbreviation of the Indonesian Bible Institute. For example, (Mrk 3:1) not (Mar 3:1); (Flp. 1:1) not (Fil. 1:1); (Rm. 11:36) not (Rom. 11:36).
    • The names of the books in the English Bible are written according to the two earlier guides above.
  9. Author(s) need to include a bibliography.
    The sources must still be clearly referred in the footnotes.

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